Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Soapmaking Resources

With apologies to everyone who has no interest in this, some networking problems require me to post this information here!

For handouts and links related to soapmaking, please go to

Soap Downloads


Carrie said...


I really enjoyed your presentation tonight and I am very excited to try my hand at soap making :o) I even ordered the book that you suggested.

FYI - a couple of your links didn't work for some reason..."Beekeeper's Soap" and "Sarah Richards...".

I didn't get a chance to check all of your links, but they are great and very helpful.

It was fun to read your blog also!

Thanks again!

Carrie Weatherbee

PS - Thank you for the soap samples :o)

Phang said...

Hey there -- links have been fixed -- capitalization error! Thanks for letting me know, and let me know how your soapmaking adventures go!



HB said...
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