Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow bees

roof beehives in the snowThis picture captures the vision of winter beekeeping that danced in my head as the cold weather came...then went, then came again.

That pink-sky feeling of beehives at the end of the world is just how it looked at 10:30 this AM, when the snow finally stopped, and my boots were found, and I remembered to go back for the camera.

A couple of minutes later, imagine the snow stomped all around, a result of making sure that the entrances to the hives were clear and no puddles of melt water were undercutting the girls' efforts to stay warm.

From a bee's point of view, snow beats wind any time, and this is finally a snug winter's nap.

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George said...

I don't know when you started beekeeping, I started last April, and I too went to the hive after the first snow. In the Hudson valley, we get quite a few inches each year. I read books and tilted my hive toward the front. This stops water collection, but snow will build up.
It's March 27th and 55 degrees. just come back from the hive and my bees are buzzing !
Nervious winter months, but I guess I am now a beekeeper.