Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Desperate Winter Pursuits of the Bee-Brained

frappr map of world beekeepersIn the absence of the six-legged set, perhaps we bee-o-centric newbies can turn to each other, to share tales of bees past and stake out the territories our industrious girls have so thoroughly explored. In short, it's a hoot to go to the Frappr Map of world beekeepers (just click on the pic), put down a marker that announces your presence, and shout out to others in your predicament. You can even submit snapshots of your loved ones and look at other beekeepers' efforts.

I, for one, wish that beekeeper Linda Houlihan of Albany, NY had posted her email address, because her beautiful, crisp, and enormous photo of a frame of brood has me wanting to purchase every bit of her photo gear (and reshoot this whole blog).

One interesting thing about the Frappr map: there are lots of us new-bees out there. Maybe this beekeeping thing DOES have legs (please forgive me). It's also possible that well-established, experienced beekeepers don't spend as much time online, trawling around for information and free advice. There is definitely a straw hat and farmhouse set out there that needs me less than I need them. By the way, I envy them BOTH the house and the hat.

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Susi said...

Thanks for the map info! I put myself on it, and found a beekeeper near me. I really enjoy your lyrical style of writing. You're a good beekeeper. Are you lurking on the Bee-L bee list out of Albany, NY? I also follow the Irish Bee list. It has some female beeks from all over. Thanks!