Sunday, October 24, 2010

DC Green Festival Presentation

cover slideWith apologies to those who are nowhere near Washington DC, this post is meant to direct anyone who might have attended today's panel on Urban Beekeeping at the DC Green Festival to supporting materials here.
Christy Hemenway of Gold Star Honeybees presented on this panel, too.

Local beekeeping clubs/short course opportunities:
Recommended books -- there are others!
cover of sammataro and avitabileThe Beekeeper's Handbook, Third Edition, Avitabile and Sammataro: Comprehensive, but could use an update.
cover of flottum bookThe Beekeeper's Handbook, Third EditionThe Backyard Beekeeper - Revised and Updated: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden, Kim Flottum: accessible, good pictures, you will need more information than this

cover of flottum bookFirst Lessons in Beekeeping, Delaplane: compact, accessible, useful, but you will need access to additional information.


DCHoneybees said...

Wow. Sorry I missed the event but it sounds like you covered a lot of ground. Any headway on clarifying DC beekeeping laws or getting them changed?

Pam J. said...

I'm also sorry I missed the event even though I'm in Silver Spring so not technically beekeeping in an urban setting. Am I crazy or is the wording of the DC law confusing or contradictory or just basically illogical? It says:

904.1 No bees or hives of bees shall be permitted to be kept when there are human habitations within a radius of five hundred feet.
904.2 The provisions of this section shall not apply to bees confined in hives, or to bees kept
on property that is enclosed so that the bees cannot stray from the property.

904.1 says "no hives" etc
904.2 says "provisions...shall not apply to bees confined in hives...."


And how could a beekeeper keep bees in an enclosed property? Do they mean enclosed with one of those plastic bubbles that cover tennis courts?? Where would the bees forage? None of it makes sense to me....

Anonymous said...

Right. The URL:

Hannah Nordhaus said...

Hi Toni,

I have a book coming out May 24 called The Beekeeper's Lament, and I thought you might find it interesting. It tells the true story of John Miller, a very funny and articulate commercial beekeeper with 10,000 hives who travels with his bees across the American West, pollinating crops and making honey and struggling to keep his bees alive amid the recent die-offs. It also tells the history of commercial beekeeping in the U.S., including the back story of the varroa mite, pollination rentals, and honey-laundering. It has seen very good reviews so far and was the subject of long features in both Bee Culture and the ABJ.

I'll be speaking on the book at Politics & Prose in DC on May 25, and wanted to let you know about it in case you might be interested in mentioning it on your blog. I would love to see some local beekeepers at the reading!

Feel free to contact me with any questions at, and you can learn more about the book and read reviews on my website:


Hannah Nordhaus

Sarah Baker said...

Hey Toni,

Saw your blog and was wondering if you ever have extra beeswax that I can buy from you. I'm taking an encaustic class and would love to find local beeswax. Or, do you have any ideas/ other beekeepers I might try to contact?



Phang said...

Sure -- how much do you need? Send details to phang at yahoo dot com!

AML said...

I really love bees and wanted to have a beefarm one day. The honey is increasingly expensive and I think its a good business. We have a wide area for culturing bees.